2005-2011 GM Truck/SUV Supercharger Systems

Street Truck Magazine Installation Article. Download (10 MB PDF)

50-State Smog Legal

Complete systems are 50-State smog legal per CARB EO # D-213-28.

2007-2011 5.3L Truck/SUV: 452 HP, 444 lb/ft Complete Systems

The complete supercharger system will boost your stock 5.3L truck/SUV to 452HP and 444 lb/ft torque with 8.5 PSI from the Lysholm 2300 supercharger at the factory redline. This is an increase of 137HP and 106 lb/ft torque over the GM factory ratings.

More Systems Under Development

Complete systems for 2012 truck/SUV and 2007 "Classic" trucks are under development.

Complete Systems: Included Components and Features

Due to the fuel system design on this vehicle, special ECM reprogramming will be required when additional aftermarket parts are added, such as smaller supercharger drive pulleys, large diameter headers/exhaust etc.

Not Compatible with Flex-Fuel Trucks

These systems are not compatible with Flex-Fuel trucks.

Complete System Part Numbers and Pricing

Complete systems include a fuel management/calibration upgrade and will bolt onto stock vehicles without the need for additional parts.
Download Installation Manual (PDF, 33MB): 4LGL020-010 v5.0.

'07[IN DEVELOPMENT] 6.0L Truck "Classic" System2310040TBA
'07-'115.3L (New Body) Truck System2310100$6,250.95
'07-'115.3L (New Body) SUV System2310070$6,250.95

Tuner Kit Part Numbers and Pricing

Tuner kits do not include fuel management/calibration upgrade. Fuel components and tuning must be provided by your installer.
Download Installation Manual (PDF, 33MB): 4LGL020-010 v5.0.

'07-'115.3L (New Body) Truck, Tuner Kit2310030$5,900.95
'05-'076.0L "Classic" Truck, Tuner Kit2310050$5,900.95
'05-'075.3L SUV and "Classic" Truck, Tuner Kit2310170$5,900.95

Basic Kit Part Numbers and Pricing

Depending on the crate motor, accessories (pulley offset) or vehicle, we offer basic kits for 2005-2009 LS1 truck FEAD and GM LS1/LS2/F-body/GTO FEAD custom installations. These basic kits do not include external charge cooler components (water storage tank, hoses, clamps, pump, and heat exchanger) and may require significant hood modifications. Call for more information.
Download Installation Manual (PDF, 13MB): 4LGL020-015 v1.0.

'05-'11 Truck FEAD, Basic Kit2310010$5,500.95
'98-'02 F-Body FEAD, Basic Kit2310020$5,500.95